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Script on Magnetic Grooves

Pragmatist vs Ideologue

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Ernesto Francisco Mendoza Porras
4 November 1980
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all entries.. :)..i dont hold back much, only
when truly necessary..

mostly rubbish, with some gems of wisdom/humor/creativity sprinkled in..
adbusters, adobe cs, alcohol, america™, and one, aphex twin, aqua teen hunger force, art, bauhaus, blasphemy, brujeria, buy nothing day, cannibas sativa, chiapas, chicano, chihuahuan desert, cholas, cigarettes, civil rights, clockwork orange, cnn, creativity, cuddling, culture jamming, dank, dark ambient, dave chappelle, dead voices on air, decoded feedback, depeche mode, devices in shift, diy, ebm, el paso, el paso music scene, electro, electronic music, emiliano zapata, erlend oye, ernesto, ernesto che guevara, erotica, experimental electronic music, experimental film, fischerspooner, flirting, fonts, francisco, front 242, fuck fox news, goth, government, graffitti, graphic design, groundwire, house beats, idm, independent party, industrial music, informatik, intimacy, irc, jazz, kegel exercises, kisses, kissing, kmfdm, krux, language, laughter, letterforms, life, loud music, love, mendoza, mexico, ministry, moonlit desert nights, music as novelty, my prostate, news, nine inch nails, noise mixing, not breathing, olde english, open minded people, outkast, passion, peace, peter murphy, pharmacy, pink floyd, politics, porras, portishead, postering, power noise, prefuse 73, prx, quark xpress, royksopp, sarcasm, sascha konietzko, satire, seabound, seduction, sensuality, sepultura, sex, sexuality, sheep on drugs, skinny puppy, sleeping, socialism, sociology, sophistifunk, soulseek, subvertisements, subwoofers, synthpop, talking dirty, talking shit, tetris, texture vs. beat, texture vs. sound, thrill kill kult, traktor dj studio, vanessa daou, wax trax!, westcoast gangsta rap, wine, wisdom, wit, wolfsheim, women, zapatistas, zines,

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